Best mum Humpback Mum & Bub Tumbler


This one is for the mum’s!

For all of the absolute super heroes out there raising littlies! Showing up everyday, all day, sometimes even all night… (ughhh ‘zzzz’)! All the mum’s deserve to be treated and spoilt!

This beautiful mum and bub humpback whale design, stainless steel wine tumbler is the perfect little gift to do just that! Brilliant for keeping us mum’s wines chilled with it’s double walled insulation, cause we all know how darn important that glass of wine, or gin, or rum can be in the evenings once the gremlins… sorry… I mean cherubs are asleep.

It also makes the perfect coffee mug for around the house. Why use a regular cup and have your coffee go cold when attending to our children’s list of demands, and then making another cup…. and it goes cold … then making another cup…. and It goes cold…You get my point! This tumbler will help keep that coffee hot so it remains hot by the time we finally get to it!

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