Residents of Ningaloo Collection

The perfect tee to show off some of your all time favourite ocean animals!

All of these beauties call Ningaloo Reef home and attract people from all over the globe for a chance of encountering them in their natural habitat. Well it might not be as fantastic as a real life encounter, but having them on your shirt you can at least admire them on the daily!Β 

They are displayed in a scientific illustration style with their common and scientific names listed underneath the artwork. Working as a marine scientist I am a sucker for a good scientific illustration style!

My Residents of Ningaloo shirt is customisable by allowing you to choose your favourite animal from the design on the back to sit across your chest at the front!! Which would you choose? Turtle, Manta Ray, Whale shark, Humpback whale, Orca, Tiger shark, Dugong or Leopard shark??

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**Christmas Holidays**

I am currently out of studio on Holiday until the 16th of January. Please Note the following cut-off dates:

* Tumblers are currently unavailable until the 16th of January
* Fine art prints- No longer guaranteed to reach you before Chrissy. Printers will close from 20th-Dec-9th of January
* Towels and T-shirts still available for purchase