Friends & Partners.

Madison enjoys collaborating with groups aiming to make a positive change for our oceans & environment. If you are part of an organisation looking to fundraise or raise awareness to an important conservation issue, get in contact with Madison- as she would love to help out!

See below for Madison’s Collaborations:

Fin Free Soup

Fin Free Soup is a non-for-profit organisation aiming to put an end to the shark finning trade by enabling consumers to choose restaurants that do not serve shark fin soup.
The Fin Free logo is displayed in the windows of restaurants to indicate that the restaurant does not serve shark fin soup. They have launched in Western Australia and are hoping to take the concept Australia wide, with the end goal being a total ban on the sale of shark fins in Australia.
Madison provided prints of her artwork to be auctioned in Fin Free Soup’s first Shark Party fundraising event and hopes to work with Fin Free Soup in future fundraiser initiatives.

Keiko Conservation

A dedicated group of international volunteers trying to create an easy and accessible platform for anyone to get involved in marine conservation efforts from anywhere in the world. Through social media campaigns, call-to-actions, and events they constantly find new ways to create strength in numbers to give a voice to the voiceless.
Check out Keiko’s website to purchase Madison’s ‘Sharks carry the Ecosystem’ design Tee’s!

Keiko Conservation Sharks Carry The Ecosystem Collab Unisex Tee

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